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Over the past few years, the manufacturing industry in Vietnam has grown significantly on a large scale. Therefore, the demand for industrial construction is increasing and the requirements are also stricter requiring contractors to bring the most optimal efficiency. 

However, it is not easy to choose an industrial construction company with good capabilities including guaranteed work quality, fast progress, cost savings and safety. This article will give you 7 criteria to consider in choosing an industrial construction company for your business.

What is industrial construction? Benefits when choosing a good capacity industrial construction company?

Industrial construction includes activities such as designing, consulting, organizing construction… industrial construction projects for production and manufacturing of enterprises. 

Industrial works are places in which industrial and production processes take place, and located in factories, enterprises, industrial parks, including:

  •  Projects for production (medical, dining, daily life, rest, entertainment, study, culture, services, warehouses, traffic, etc.) 
  • Technical works (electricity, water supply – drainage, ventilation, waste treatment, fire prevention, etc.).

With the importance of industrial construction works, choosing the right contractor is extremely essential. Industrial construction requires meticulousness in every detail to be able to optimize production, give enterprises the best productivity and a safe, sustainable production environment. In short, a good contractor will bring businesses a lot of benefits. 

Right project estimate: 

A reputable industrial construction company will give your business a right estimate which can minimize the costs your business have to spend when building factory, warehouses, etc. They will help your business reduce unnecessary expenses and provide a clear and detailed estimation, so you can easily control expenses and save maximum for the company. 

Right estimate for industrial construction project

Right estimate for industrial construction project

In addition, a professional industrial construction company can help you know the financial viability of your company and balance to match your ability. 

Furthermore, they will advise you on the optimal construction solutions with your company’s budget. 

Always try to bring satisfaction to customers:

Professional construction companies always try to bring satisfaction to their customers. They know exactly what the customers’ requirement is and suggest the best ways to satisfy it. 

Under any circumstances, they always stand by and be ready to make changes to not only create the best results but also satisfy the customers’ requirements. The way that these industrial construction companies work is very reliable, shown through their dedication to service. 

Save customers’ time and labor:

When your company hires an industrial construction company, they will be responsible for all construction activities of the project they are hired and strive to make that project a success. You don’t need to think or spend too much time and labor on it. Thus, your company can spend time and resources to develop core values, creating greater profits for the company. 

You can spend time exploring many other business opportunities instead of finding materials, paying the parties. As long as your company chooses the right industrial construction company, you do not need to worry about your construction projects and still can develop the company. 

The right industrial construction contractor help investors save a lot of unnecessary costs

The right industrial construction contractor help investors save a lot of unnecessary costs

7 Criteria to choose the right industrial construction company in Vietnam: 

Company’s experience in the field of industrial construction:

The company’s experience is not only reflected in how long the company has been in the construction industry, but also in the projects that the company has designed and built.  

Although the number of years of operation partly shows the company’s reputation, it is not all. In the industrial construction industry, the company needs not only experience in terms of time but also experience in different constructions. An experienced industrial construction company can demonstrate its competence through its products. The optimization, sophistication and modernization of the projects are the clearest and most convincing evidence for the company’s experience.

Experience demonstrated through the company's works

Experience demonstrated through the company’s works

Therefore, when interested and intend to choose a construction company, find out the works they have been responsible for designing and building. If their industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses… are similar to your wishes, this is a worth- considering choice. 

The human resource capacity: 

For any business, to create good and valuable products, human resources play an important role. An optimal industrial project needs experienced and responsible engineers. If a construction company has good engineers, they can give your company a perfect design, an optimal construction plan, while saving you time and making the most of space. In particular, they will bring optimization to the production space and save a lot of costs. 

Additionally, industrial construction requires carefulness and meticulousness, so talented and responsible human resources will ensure safe and timely works. 

Optimized design by professional engineers

Optimized design by professional engineers

Warranty policy of construction company:

After an industrial construction is completed, the warranty period is very important, reputable construction companies will have a long warranty period for their works. It is explained that reputable construction companies are often confident with the works they make and complete, besides, they can also prove to their partners and investors their responsibility when they undertake a construction project.

A good warranty policy also gives customers peace of mind and confidence that when the project has any damage, the construction company will be ready to help them. 

Dedicated construction team

Dedicated construction team

Customers who have operated with that industrial construction company:

If you know who customers of that industrial construction company are, you partly know the company’s capabilities. For example, reputable or FDI companies are often very careful and have very strict requirements in choosing construction contractors.

Therefore, if that company has cooperated to build factories and workshops for these companies, it proves that its ability and service style is good, satisfying even fastidious customers. To find out the customers the company has operated with, you can find out through their website or the information on the construction community. 

 Reputable customers of the company

Reputable customers of the company

Construction costs: 

Professional construction companies will have good sources of materials at cheaper prices; the team involved in building talent and responsibility; construction progress is guaranteed. As a result, they will help your company minimize construction costs. 

Based on the estimated cost and construction schedule provided by the construction company, customers can consider making the right choice.

You can find out these information on the website or contact the construction company directly.

Ensure labor safety: 

Besides issues related to work quality as well as economic efficiency, construction units are more appreciated when they care about occupational safety for their own workers. Construction units have certain responsibilities for ensuring the labor safety of construction workers such as: buying accident insurance, labor protection equipment, propaganda and training to raise awareness of labor for workers. 

Pay attention to labor safety in construction

Pay attention to labor safety in construction

In industrial construction industry, ensuring the safety of workers is very important, directly affecting the progress and quality of industrial projects. Therefore, when the construction company ensures the safety of the workers involved, it also shows the importance of that project. 

Transparent and professional working process:

This is probably the most important criterion in the 7 criteria for selecting an industrial construction contractor because a transparent and professional working process will create trust between the investor and the contractor.

Transparent construction process

Transparent construction process

Customers tend to assume that contractors are putting more effort into serving them when they are directly monitoring activities. They also believe that transparent contractors work more meticulously and have more operational expertise than other organizations.

As a result, customers will prioritize using products and services of contractors who work more transparently.

Why should you choose VixCons for consulting, designing and constructing industrial works:

With the above criteria, VixCons is confident in both ability and experience. With a team of talented and experienced designers and builders, VixCons will bring optimal solutions for your company’s industrial construction projects. 

Our company has provided industrial construction solutions for many reputable businesses, bringing satisfaction to them. In addition, the team involved is also experienced and responsible for each project. At VixCons, we always put the interests of our customers first.

Not only ensures the interests of customers, the company also upholds the safety of construction workers. You can rest assured when choosing our company. 

If you are considering and looking for a contractor for the construction of your business’s industrial factory, please refer to the Industrial Construction Projects that VixCons has participated in. 

VixCons- A reputable construction company in Vietnam

VixCons- A reputable construction company in Vietnam

Hopefully, this article has provided you with useful information for choosing the right industrial construction contractor for your company. A right construction company not only gives your business an ideal factory but also saves you a great deal of cost and time. 

If investors are planning to build industrial works and need to get the best construction price, please fill in our form below, or investors can contact us directly with the information provided below.

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