Basic principles to create ideal office design in 2022

13 Tháng Tám, 2021

Over the past few years, the role of workspaces in productivity and quality of work is confirmed. The right office design will help your employees feel comfortable to be more creative and dedicated.

Thus, office design has a vital role, affecting the aesthetics and the business and operation situation of your company. To have the right office design, here are some helpful principles for your office. 

Benefits of owning the right office design

Create comfortable working conditions

For any business operating in any field, it is necessary to have a professional office space for employees. It is where your employees come together and work every day. Therefore, the design of a beautiful and luxurious office contributes to creating the most comfortable working conditions for employees.

Improve the quality of labor

With ideas to design a professional, comfortable office optimized for aesthetic value, bringing comfort to employees will motivate them to work harder. The ability to stimulate work inspiration, create a beautiful and modern working environment that makes your employees complete their work more excellently. Office Furniture In Viẹtnam

Attract talented employees

In addition, beautiful office design is also a factor that helps your company attract the attention of talented people. The general psychology of office workers often prefers to work with large-scale, professional companies and the most comfortable and quality working environment. A beautiful, impressive and modern office will help young talented employees consider joining your team.

Attract talented employees

Attract talented employees

Build brand image

Not only bring benefits to employees, but designing a beautiful and impressive office also contributes to building the company’ brand image. When customers and partners come to your office, they will be impressed with the scale of the company along with the welfare campaign and the leadership’s attention to employees. As a result, they will be more sympathetic and think about cooperating with you on potential projects.

Build brand image

Build brand image

Attract customers and partners

When customers do not know about your capacity, they often assess the scale and external factors of professionalism in the company’s operations. Therefore, a beautiful office design also helps you attract the attention of potential customers.

Increase profits for the company

The profit of the business depends on the image and ability of employees in the company. The appearance and ability to create and work effectively for employees are affected by environmental factors. Therefore, having a beautiful, professional and new office can help the company’s profits increase.

Principles of office design: 

The office has the right style and space:

The priority when designing an office is to have the right style and space. The interior layout must create a spacious and comfortable space so that the distance between the desks is wide enough for people to move easily, create a feeling of relaxation and develop good creative thinking of staff.

The office space needs to be arranged with a decorative green tree system combined with a well-ventilated light source, this is a strong point to create an ideal working atmosphere for office staff.

The office has the right style and space

The office has the right style and space


Achieving the aesthetic factor

Aesthetics are shown through the arrangement of office furniture, light in harmony with the main color. In addition, the aesthetic is also reflected in the company’s industry characteristics. For example, the office aesthetic of a construction company will be different from an advertising company. The most important thing is to show the industry mark of the company.

Besides the convenience of furniture products, aesthetics are necessary to make people feel more excited about work. You should choose furniture products that are unique but must be neat, easy to use and can arrange more green space by decorating a few potted plants to create scenes, bringing a fresh atmosphere to the office.

Office design should identify the brand

Office design is brand-oriented from color, shape, exterior, interior, logo to focusing on the unique identity of the business.

The design affirms the bold cultural imprint of the Company, increasing the level of connection and attachment between members and organizations.

Office design should identify the brand

Office design should identify the brand

Create comfort:

The furniture in the office should make your employees feel comfortable, especially the chairs. Office workers are often attached to chairs, so this is the item that needs the most attention. You should use swivel chairs because it is flexible.

The swivel chair can be moved anywhere in the office thanks to the wheels on the bottom. In addition, the design of the chair according to the standard sitting posture will minimize the effects of sitting a lot on the health of office workers. The chair can rotate 360 ​​degrees to help you exercise while working.

Optimizing the functionality of office items

Optimizing the function of office furniture is the arrangement of items in the office to serve the work reasonably and conveniently for travel and internal transactions to help employees are more productive.

Additionally, the arrangement of decorative items, the layout of the departments … also improves the ability to coordinate work to achieve the highest efficiency between the departments in the enterprise.

Feng shui factors in office design

The luck and prosperity of the business depend a lot on feng shui factors, the position of the desk or the direction of the objects on the desk is very important. Therefore, architects when designing are always interested in feng shui factors. The interior design of the boss’s office is the most important because this is where the most prosperous in the company is concentrated.

Feng shui factors in office design

Feng shui factors in office design

Some other principles when designing the office

Light in the office with open space

A space full of light from office lights to the natural light outside is not only a feng shui factor, but it also helps protect employees’ eyes when they have to be exposed for too long to a computer screen. An open-space office will help add vitality to your workspace.

Light in the office with open space

Light in the office with open space

Decorative items in office design

For decorative items, choose items that are suitable for the industry for the office such as Trees, books, decorative lights, etc… Thus, the office will become more unique and fortunate.

Choose a professional office design and construction unit

Once you know the principles when embarking on the design and construction of office furniture, choosing a reputable and quality office design and construction unit to complete your office space is the next step. With professional companies, they will have a team of experienced architects to know the nature of work as well as your and employees’ wishes. As a result, they will build a youthful and professional office. with the truest and most complete values.


With a team of creative and experienced designers, VixCons has given many businesses an ideal workspace, boosting productivity. All the designs responsible for VixCons follow the basic principles of office design. In particular, customers’ requirements are still guaranteed to be expressed in the workspace. 

VixCons has been designed for many companies in different fields and received many positive feedbacks. We not only ensure aesthetics in design but also try to create a space that promotes productivity and is suitable for feng shui elements.

Therefore, you can rest assured when you let VixCons design your workspace by only providing your requirements and wishes, everything will be handled by VixCons.

Some offices designed by VixCons’ team

Office design of MOG Hanoi: 

Understanding the needs of customers, designers have created a working space that connects employees. With this space, employees can freely communicate and exchange to create innovative products together.

Harmoniously decorated office

Harmoniously decorated office

In addition, the office design is also arranged with more trees. As a result, the workspace has more vitality and brings green to the office. This will help employees feel comfortable to be creative and increase productivity and efficiency.

Office design of Nhat Cuong Software: 

This is a company operating in the field of software, therefore, the creativity of employees is very essential. Designers have created an open interface, making it easy for employees to connect and exchange with each other. As a result, employees can create together.

Notably, the light source is also always guaranteed so that employees can work in front of the computer screen without much impact on the eyes.

Office design of Nhat Cuong Software

Office design of Nhat Cuong Software

Green workspace

Green workspace

Office design of Zalo Hanoi:

Office design bold brand image of Zalo. With the main color being blue, anyone entering the office will realize that this is Zalo’s office. Furthermore, open space helps employees to work together and bond with each other.

Office design of Zalo Hanoi

Office design of Zalo Hanoi

To sum up, this article has provided you some useful information about the principles of office design in 2021 and some office designs which are responsible for VixCons. Hopefully, you can get the ideal workplace for your company

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