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25 Tháng Sáu, 2021

Construction Company in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Dương, Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Long An, HaNoi, Da Nang

Vixcons construction designing company is a designing contractor, construction of civil works and industrial works. We have been on the verge of developing strong and widely trusted customers, entrusted with design responsibilities and building housing in hcmc and neighboring provinces. We have received our customers’ high trust and satisfaction over time that is the motivation we continue to maintain and grow further.

Construction company in Ho Chi Minh City

Activity field

Construction consultancy

Designing and building civil works

Interior construction design

With a team of engineers, experienced architects experience high – skilled workers. There’ s a passion for the profession and most of all, we’ ve always put the motto to work as a top – on – the – line mentality.

Construction design company in Ho Chi Minh City

Construction design company in Ho Chi Minh City

Construction design company at tphcm[ / caption]

VixCons Construction’s working motto. Construction company in Ho Chi Minh City

The vixcons construction company watches customers’ houses as their home

We’ ve always managed to do our best to serve and devote ourselves to the highest satisfaction. We expect customers to live in a house that is comfortable, comfortable and cozy when walking home to their home.

Designing the construction of vixcons is the responsibility to delegate the construction of the customer as itself each member of the house to himself. Always trying to optimize the living space and the quality of the house. To provide the cost of building optimal construction at the time of construction.


To build with a &

In any business. Especially in the construction industry, the passion for the job, the dedication to the job, has a chance to get ahead with the job. So we always put’ tam’ on top, to give the investor the perfect product. We with enthusiastic members, experienced staff will bring new heights in the construction of the customers.

Design Consultant - Construction Supervision Giám

Design Consultant – Construction Supervision Giám

Professional attitude, cooperation and compliance. Construction company in Ho Chi Minh City

In the work and in life, vixcons always sees attitudes that measure human judgments. See the working attitude to parallel. Like the ” tai ” and ” german ” in my father’ s view. Building vixcons always knows inheritance and plays these good views.

Construction of vixcons and team shall comply with the regulations of the state, the rules of the work. Ensuring labor safety, human health to create happiness in work.

Quality products, aesthetics are always created from the hands of happy, happy people.

Industrial construction company in Ho Chi Minh City

Industrial construction company in Ho Chi Minh City

Building vixcons is the home – the solution for all works

Many people think and view the house’ s views just to stay. but with vixcons, the house is just to stay in the family.

After a tired working day each family member returns home. So we’re interested in a cozy, supportive home, environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly. A house where members of the family are returned to gather together, having fun in the home.

The vixcons construction company offers sustainable values. Construction company in Ho Chi Minh City

In addition to creative architecture and smart design solutions. Bring pride to the master.

The vixcons construction company has pledged to remain sustainable over time. With a structure structure ensuring long – term capacity for high – tensile security. With materials that put in the right use of quality, quantity. The origin of origin is clear and consistent with your finances.

Build trust as soon as you have a chance to work with your guests. Because the vixcons company always sees credibility as a survival problem. The corporate leadership of the company wants to make sustainable development, to put a reputation on top. Those values don’ t just say, we apply it as the motto. Set it to the core values for the business so that increasingly rise to the new heights. to serve many customers with durable, durable homes. Pride is the house of vixcons.

Long – term warranty. We view stability, sustainability comes with the following service. That’ s the warranty service, maintenance. We’ ll arrange time and manpower as soon as we get our offer.

Office construction consulting

Office construction consulting

Building vixcons to see your satisfaction is our success.

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Construction of construction activities: ho chi minh city, long an, tien giang, binh duong, binh phuoc, dong ninh, tay ninh, ba ria vung tau, binh thuan.

Architectural design scope: vietnam’ s territory.

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