Criteria for choosing a reputable office design company

18 Tháng Tám, 2021

Nowadays, businesses are always interested in choosing a suitable design company to create the ideal working space. The right office design will bring your employees an ideal working space to create new products.

According to research in recent years, workspace greatly affects the productivity and creativity of employees. Thus, to help businesses make the right choice, the article will give you some criteria to choose an office design company.

Benefits of choosing a reputable office design company

Maximize use of office space

This is the outstanding benefit of hiring a design company. When designing the interior according to your office’s size, every centimeter of the office is used and no space is wasted in the office.

The architect will try to make the most of your office space and use the furniture that is suitable for the office area. As a result, you will have a beautiful office which fully meets the needs of employees

Create style uniformity in the workspace

Style orientation is an important factor to create uniformity for the space because they show the connection for the overall beauty of the whole office.

Create harmony in the workspace

Create harmony in the workspace

Although the office of the manager is different from the staff’s, the ingenuity of the architects is here. Each private space has common features, highlighting the uniformity of the office, creating the brand mark of the company.

Effective time-saving method

Instead of spending time searching in many retail furniture stores, you just need to find a reputable office design company. The company will be the one to advise you on the right furniture and where to provide that furniture.

Notably, because of the experience in the field of furniture, the understanding of materials and aesthetic sense of the architects is also more professional and classy than our trend-oriented view.

Therefore, you just need to describe your favorite style, space requirements, and colors to the architect and you will immediately have a perfect interior space like your wishes. In addition, the architect will also create a space that reveals the brand image of your company.

Effective time-saving method

Effective time-saving method

Reduce the cost of buying furniture

The office design company will also assist you in finding decorative accessories at extremely favorable prices. Reputable office design companies all know many partners in the same field, so the source of the furniture they provide will be guaranteed and at a reasonable price.

Avoid feng shui mistakes to protect the company’s fortune

In business, the feng shui element of light direction, the arrangement of trees, etc. in the office plays a very important role. It will directly affect the fortune of the company.

With experience and knowledge in design schools, the architects are professional enough to arrange interior details that are both optimized and suitable for feng shui. Therefore, choosing a professional designer will bring the right office in terms of feng shui elements.

To sum up, hiring a professional design company will ensure that your office meets aesthetic standards and optimizes office space.

Avoid feng shui mistakes to protect the company's fortune

Avoid feng shui mistakes to protect the company’s fortune

Criteria for choosing a reputable office design company

With the increasing demand for office design, there are a rising number of design companies in the market. However, choosing a reputable company that meets your company’s needs is not easy.

Here are some criteria that can help you choose the right design unit for your office.

Based on the feedback of customers who have used the service of the design company: 

Customers who have used the company’s services will have the most honest view and objective assessment of their capabilities and professionalism. 

These reviews can be from friends, relatives or consulted on the online community about office design companies. These objective reviews will help you eliminate poor-quality companies. Thus, you have more proof to find the best unit.

Feedback of customers

Feedback of customers

Office design experience:

Choosing an experienced company for interior design and construction work is optimized and processed faster. Professional capacity is accumulated and gradually increased through actual construction works. You will certainly want to cooperate and work with an experienced unit more than a beginner company.

Working process:

Another factor that will help you choose a professional company is the work process. The scientific and clear working process of each stage is a prerequisite to ensure progress and efficiency in work.

A professional working process often has to go through basic steps: consulting – surveying – getting ideas and requirements of customers – putting into the design – customer approval – and finally construction.

Staff capacity

Employees are people who directly deal with customers. They are in charge of consulting, guiding, surveying, designing, etc. The professionalism, thoughtfulness, and dedication of the staff are a plus point to score points for customers. It is the staff that makes the name and reputation of the unit.

Therefore, the service attitude and professionalism of the staff will also be an important factor to evaluate the reliability of the office design unit with which you will cooperate.

Staff capacity

Staff capacity

In particular, the design team needs to have high expertise:

  • The design shows the corporate identity: The architect will observe and find out the features in the working and living style of the office staff. According to this step, the corporate identity is expressed subtly and uniquely.
  • Furniture is designed according to standards to bring the best use: From observing the habits of employees, the design unit will choose the optimal furniture products. These products support the work of employees and are arranged reasonably in each area of the office. 
  • Useful advice on feng shui: Most businesses attach great importance to feng shui elements to support successful work. With extensive expertise, the unit can offer interior decoration options in directions suitable for age and destiny. 

Services and policies of the design company:

There are many design companies on the market. Each company usually has its business strengths. You should find a unit with diverse services focusing on design, construction, and direct production of office furniture. As a result, you will save a lot of time, effort and money.

Not only choosing a design company based on diverse services, the policy for customers is also an important factor to evaluate the office design and construction company. 

A professional, reputable and strong company in the field of office design services will often have preferential policies such as:

  • Flexible payment policy: customers can pay in installments. These payments will be agreed upon and agreed upon by both parties in the contract.
  • The consultation and site survey are completely free of charge.
  • Creative design ideas designed by leading architects.
  • Competitive price
  • Long-term warranty policy and maintenance.
Services and policies of the design company

Services and policies of the design company

VixCons- A professional office design company for your business: 

VixCons is a design company with a lot of experience in the market

VixCons is a professional office interior design company with many years of experience. By now, VixCons has participated in the design and construction of many office projects of large companies. We always aim to bring creative and suitable products to the needs and characteristics of each customer.

VixCons owns the creative and responsible staff

Owning a team of experienced, creative, enthusiastic architects and staff who are constantly improving their skills, the projects responsible for VixCons always bring their own valuable space.

VixCons owns the creative and responsible staff

VixCons owns the creative and responsible staff

VixCons has a scientific and professional working process

Our projects are all carried out according to a clear and scientific working process, including 5 steps: 

  • Design ideas: A creative, appropriate idea is the first step to being able to create a professional office
  • Basic design: Once the design information is complete, VixCons’s architects will conduct the basic design to give customers a general view of the office in the future. 
  • Detailed design: By detailing the basic and 3D design, this is the closest drawing to reality, helping businesses easily imagine what their project will look like after completing. 
  • Technical document: This is a detailed and specific implementation of each parameter to bring convenience to the construction unit. 
  • Finishing and handing over to the customer: As the last step in the working process, after completing the design phase and technical documents, we complete handover to the customer and begin construction. 

VixCons always accompany you before, during and after the design and construction process

We always put the wishes, requirements and interests of customers on top with the desire to bring the best products for business. 

With our experience and ability, VixCons always strives to bring satisfaction to customers. We are confident to be the perfect design company for your office. 


In conclusion, when choosing a reputable office design company, the above criteria are a useful basis for your choice. Hopefully, you can make the right decision for your business. 

If you are planning to hire a professional design company with the best price, please fill in our form below, or contact us directly with the information provided.

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