Design solutions for electromechanical construction you need to know

7 Tháng Sáu, 2021
Design solutions for electromechanical construction you need to know
Documentation of the plant design is a very important process, which affects the construction progress as well as the quality of the construction project.

When building, your factory design profile is maximized for effective performance or not? Is the quality of the workshop safe and sustainable over time? These issues all need to depend a lot on the expertise of experienced factory design consultants.

Before proceeding with the factory design document preparation, the consultant needs to survey the project, responsible for investigating, study carefully products and production characteristics of investors so that they can choose the most suitable and effective construction design solutions. Ensuring the factory after completing safe operations, maximizing production capabilities and bringing high economic efficiency to investors.


Design solutions for electromechanical construction you need to know

Design solutions for electromechanical construction you need to know

Design documents are how to meet process standards?


Below is the basic design document process and content that should be available to help investors learn:


Main contents of factory design document:


– Overall ground plan of a project, structural blocks of works, diagrams of applied technology and supportive works.

– Perspective drawing of the project

– Architectural design file.

– Structure design profile.

– Mechatronic design files (electricity, water, air conditioning, fire prevention, waste water treatment, environmental protection …).

– Structure diagram of internal roads, drainage system of factory outside.

– Profile design gates, fences.


The process of receiving a factory design file.


The plant designing unit needs to meet the investor regularly, to capture ideas and requirements for the investor’s factory:

– Basic estimation under the contract.

– The design of the total work ground is closely followed the applied technology diagram.

– Design diagram of the total work plan and overall perspective drawing.

– Deployment of setting up technical design documents: Structure works, construction diagram of electricity, water, road, Other techniques are applied, …

– Handing over factory design documents, construction drawings to investors.


Quy trình thiết kế nhà máy, thi công xây dựng nhà máy

Design solutions for electromechanical construction you need to know


Three important criteria should be included in a plant design profile:


– The overall design of the work site should be consistent with the current technology scheme. meet the plan and purpose to expand production later investors. Avoid the case when the investor wants to expand, it must remove and build other supporting structures to expand.

– Choice of materials, appropriate equipment with the purpose to produce different.

– Offer many different drawings and different design solutions to easily choose the most cost effective plant design profile in terms of economy, use and quality of a project.

– Choosing a reputable factory design partner will help reduce risks for the investor, helping to build the factory professionally and in accordance with standards. VixCons will help partners to complete the factory design quickly and efficiently.

Factory design process

Factory design, Factory construction involves many complex processes that must be closely coordinated. It is imperative that business owners find themselves a factory design consultant, construction of prestigious factories, have a lot of construction experience. Because the design and construction of a factory building is a compulsory requirement of the authorities.

It is more economically convenient for business owners to hire a more resilient factory design team than to build a design team. That’s too costly unless it’s a business specific issue.

VixCons is proud to be a professional supplier of factory design services, building factories with the motto that customers are the ones deciding the survival of our company, customers are the components that help VixCons has the opportunity to offer quality products. The satisfaction of customers motivates VixCons to do its best to create the best products.


The factory design and construction process has the following basic steps:

Design solutions for electromechanical construction you need to know

Design solutions for electromechanical construction you need to know

Factory design consultant


After assessing the construction area, production targets, and customer requirements, VixCons will give a preliminary plan. Depending on the choice of the business owner, there will be the best neutralization solution in terms of architecture, structure, cost, water and electricity systems, waste discharge, air conditioning, transformer station, fire protection system … .

Design appraisal and apply for a plant construction permit


Next, on the basic design background, will be assessed at state management agencies. This process takes quite a long time until the application for a plant construction permit is made according to the design. This requires experience in each design of large plant projects and a team of factory design engineers who have designed and appraised many projects so that the client’s project can easily be approved. If the appraisal process is not passed, you will need to amend it. This wastes time and increases funding. The investor will continue to submit the application for the plant construction permit to the management agency, directly responsible for obtaining a construction permit. At this point, the construction of the new factory is counted as a beginning.


Factory design and tender invitation


Followed by the technical design process for bidding, tender invitation or make a total cost estimate if the plant construction works are designed in three steps. This process requires a great deal of effort, time, with the stress of keeping up with the progress of completion. VixCons will help your partners complete the technical items, We have the fastest factory construction design team, the most professional, help the factory to be soon built and put into production. The final construction design drawing was born. Continued to be examined, Auditing to give the ultimate optimal solution. After a long and strenuous period, At this time, the construction of the new factory was organized. The starting point is the Factory Construction Commencement ceremony.


Your partner, please choose factory design service, Factory construction provided by VixCons

We have a team of professional engineers and dedicated to customers. Guaranteed to satisfy all demanding investors.



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