Effective solutions to optimize the factory space in 2022

10 Tháng Tám, 2021

With the development of the economy, there is a rise in the demand for production. Therefore, optimizing factory space is of interest to businesses which helps your business save a lot of money and time. 

However, it is not easy to optimize the factory space. To successfully achieve the given goal, businesses should follow the design principles and guidelines. This article will provide you with valuable solutions for this goal. 

Why is it necessary to optimize the factory space?

Optimizing the factory space is an important job that every business needs to pay attention to. The optimization before construction will help businesses save costs and time for the process of construction and operation later.

Optimizing the factory space brings many advantages: 

  • Reduce cost: Clearly planning each subdivision helps the process of transporting materials and products faster. The process from receiving, transporting materials to packing and delivering goods to customers becomes more convenient which can reduce production costs and waiting time.
  • Eliminate unnecessary wasteful travel between departments and between employees. The stages that affect and cause bottlenecks to the factory’s production activities are adjusted and minimized.
  • Factory space is utilized and more efficient, facilitating communication and transaction between departments in the factory more conveniently.
  • Meet the regulations and requirements of the state on ensuring safety for workers and property during the working process.
Reduce cost

Reduce cost

Principles of optimizing factory space: 

Comply with the production technology process:

The parts in the production line must be arranged in a certain order, from the preliminary processing of raw materials to the production of finished products. 

The stage is done first, the production department is designed closest to the raw material warehouse. The final stage is arranged closest to the finished product warehouse. Components that are directly related to each other must be designed side by side.

Raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse should be designed in an area near the main road to facilitate the transportation process.

Ensure production scalability

Increased output of finished products or production of different types of finished products in the future is inevitable. Therefore, enterprises should immediately calculate and anticipate this problem in advance when choosing the location and design and factory space.

Ensure safety for workers

According to the regulations of the State, all factory works, when designing the premises, must fully meet the criteria for ensuring safety for workers and property during operation. This contributes to ensuring the production quality of the finished product, and at the same time creates a comfortable and favorable working environment for employees.

The factory must comply with all regulations on anti-vibration, anti-noise, anti-dust, anti-heat, anti-explosion, ventilation, lighting, etc. In particular, systems and parts generate many toxic substances and harmful gases. smoke, dust, etc. must be arranged in a separate area, away from the residential area. 

Safety- one of the principles of optimizing factory space

Safety- one of the principles of optimizing factory space

Parts and warehouses containing materials that are likely to cause fire and explosion must be designed and built far from the production area. The warehouse is equipped with fire prevention equipment to prevent and ensure more safety for businesses.

Take advantage of factory space: 

Businesses should use multi-storey high racks to optimize factory space or combine multiple function rooms in an area. For example, building an office inside a factory or factory on the 1st floor, an office on the 2nd floor.

Ensure system flexibility

Enterprises should consider the case of future changes with the lowest cost. It is expected that things may happen such as production expansion, warehouse change, etc. The change must not affect the production and business activities of the enterprise.

Minimize material upstream

Upstream materials not only increase the transportation distance but also cause traffic congestion. Operation, production and business activities may be affected and interrupted leading to negative impacts on the brand.

Solutions to optimize the factory space;

There are 3 factory space optimization methods commonly used today: Layout according to product, layout according to production process and layout according to the fixed position.

Layout according to product

Depending on the product, the factory’s layout is the arrangement of the production line in a continuous flow from the first stage to the last stage.

This factory space optimization solution is suitable for enterprises with mass production on a continuous line. The volume is large, the production process is repetitive, and the demand for human use is stable. 

Some businesses that should apply this method are businesses manufacturing refrigerators, bottled water, assembling cars, food processing lines, washing machines, etc. Besides, the layout of the premises. Product-based factories are also suitable for service providers such as airports, fast food, banks, post and telecommunications, etc.

Features of the layout of the factory space according to the product:

  • Materials are moved by fixed chains or conveyers
  • The parts to be processed on the line are relatively small in volume
  • The production line is specialized and highly automated
Layout according to product

Layout according to product

Layout according to the production process

This form of design and layout builds parts with similar functionality or technology into a group. Products in the manufacturing process will move from one part to another.

This optimal form of factory space is suitable for intermittent production and a variety of models. As an exemplify, a company whose orders often change with relatively small volumes of each product. Products often have different manufacturing processes with different stages. This form is suitable for supermarket warehouses, factories or transaction offices…

Features of the layout of the factory space according to the production process:

  • Requires employees to have high technical skills 
  • Execute multiple work orders during production
  • Materials are always moving from one part to another
  • Machining process with a large amount of material
  • Need to equip a large stockpile of raw materials
  • Transport equipment must be versatile
Layout according to the production process

Layout according to the production process

Layout according to the fixed position

This is the form of the product being placed in a fixed position. The materials, equipment and machinery will be transported to the location of the product for processing and manufacturing.

This method is suitable for application in the production of bulky, heavy products that cannot be moved or are fragile. Typical examples are aircraft manufacturing, building construction, product assembly processes, shipbuilding, etc.

Optimizing the factory’s warehouse space

Optimizing the factory’s warehouse space

Optimizing the factory’s warehouse space

A warehouse is a place to store finished products or raw materials for production. The optimally arranged warehouse will help the process of picking and arranging goods faster.

To use most of the warehouse space, businesses need to pay attention to the following principles:

  • Arrange the position of materials in an S, Z or L shape so that the material flow is continuous, minimizing unnecessary wasted transition time.
  • The width of the moving area should be large enough so that the materials can be moved easily
  • Avoid arranging materials in dead ends
  • It is recommended to use a multi-storey racking system to make the most of the space above the warehouse

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Therefore, finding and choosing a construction company is very important, playing an important role in determining whether the optimization of the factory floor is effective or not. With a lot of successful experience in many large projects, VixCons is confident to help customers get the best solutions in optimizing the factory space.

As can be seen from the article, it’s not easy to optimize the factory space. Thus, with the help of VixCons, you can rest assured about the quality of your factory.

VixCons- a construction company that provides factory space optimization solutions

VixCons- a construction company that provides factory space optimization solutions

To sum up, this article has provided some necessary information to be able to optimize the factory space, making the production process more efficient. Hopefully, after reading, you have the right solution for your factory

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