Electromechanical construction contractor in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong nai, Long am Vietnam

19 Tháng Sáu, 2021

Electromechanical construction contractor in Ho Chi Minh City. Is a unit of construction and the largest industrial power system in the south. With more than 100 elite trained employees in every situation. In particular, the success of m&e vixcons điện thầu is indispensable to our leading and experienced engineers. Blocking our nine years has designed and built hundreds of buildings stretching across industrial zones. The customer may call right through the hotline to get the điện thầu vixcons consulting. 


For a construction project people divide into two categories including construction and electromechanical. So what is the electromechanical contractor and how does it affect the work? It’ s all going to be the most popular and understandable way in this article. Invite you to read.

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1. what is the electromechanical contractor? Electromechanical construction contractor in Ho Chi Minh City

To find out what the electromechanical contractor is, let’ s go to a little example later. In construction there are many different stages and separated separately for complete construction. When the construction of the house, they will be divided into two parts. The first is the construction, where the house will be built entirely from the frame to the work details. However, you still can’ t use the electricity system yet. The second is the installation of electromechanical systems, the new house is now complete and can be used.

The electromechanical contractor is also known as a khác contractor. This is the type of contractor responsible for designing and installing the electricity system for the project including electricity, water, ventilation systems and wireless equipment. M&e is a very important component in the construction of the work, without the error or the error that will affect the user’ s ability to use.

2. m&e, including parts?

Basically, people basically understand that the mechanical construction is the process of installing the electricity system for the family. But is that enough? I’ m allowed to say, that’ s true, but not enough. The components of the m&e muscle include:

Installation of electricity: this is the most important part of m&e. The contractor shall install the household power grid for the activities of the customer. For us, a good contractor is the contractor that installed the good electricity system, convenient and both cost – installing to customers.

Water supply and sanitation system. Imagine what your home doesn’ t have? M&e includes all stages of designing and building family water systems. Including water supply, sewage system for living and operation of water use equipment.

Installing air ventilation and air conditioning systems. For large works, the air conditioning and ventilation system is extremely important. So when the construction needs to be selected for a prestigious contractor and the quality of your work is completed as expected

Install fire systems. This includes the fire detectors and the automatic fire system. This is a key issue in ensuring the safety of the work, so you will need to find a prestigious company and quality for this activity. And we, congtycodien. com confident that the satisfaction of your satisfaction.

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3. installation of electricity system in m&e works. Electromechanical construction contractor in Ho Chi Minh City

The process of installing m&e has 4 major operations, so there are many jobs that need to be done. But the most important and most important thing is the electricity supply system. That’ s why we talked about installing the first electrical system on the list of m&e.

Installation of electricity system consists of two small parts, each of which is part of a different consumer device segment of the agency and household.

On heavy electricity: this is the entry of the electrical equipment and issues related to electricity. Include:

Electricity supply system: the main power supply system of the project includes the installation of power transmission lines in the house and connected to the national power lines.

Electricity distribution system: main lighting systems, sockets systems, power supply pins

The lighting system: for customers with flexible use of lamps, this will be a subsequent task. This job is responsible for installing the lighting system of the project.

Contiguous security system: this system includes the electrical details for the electrical (washing machine),…), kim thu lui and other đất, ….

Light electricity: when we find out what the electromechanical contractor is, this is the installation of radio systems and security for the work. Include:

Internet and local network
Telephone telephone system
Surveillance camera system
Address system (public address system)

Electromechanical construction contractor in Ho Chi Minh City

Electromechanical construction contractor in Ho Chi Minh City

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What does the electromechanical system consist of? The construction contractor in hcmc

If it’ s new to learn, it’ s probably hard to imagine what the electromechanical system consists of. Basically, the m&e system is divided into four main categories:

Air ventilation and air conditioning systems (heating ventilation air conditioning, hvac)
Drainage and sanitation (plumbing & sanitary, p&s)
Electrical system (electrical)
Fire alarm and fire alarm The construction contractor in hcmc

What does the m&e electrical engineering system include?

Mechanical in the construction of large quantities is the air – conditioning category and ventilation (mvac – mechanical and air conditioning), or also known as hvac. Other mechanical parts also have fire prevention, fire alarm (fire alarm and fighting tanks issuing water supply).

The electrical section consists of electrical – related items: distribution, power supply, lighting (control system), electric light (light system),).

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Heavy electricity includes

Main power supply: the primary source system, including the central, medium – voltage lines, 24kv / 0 transformers. 4kv and major closed cabinets (msbs, main switches board). There may be an automatic system regulating voltage: automatic voltage regulator system, avr.

  • Distribution systems: submain power supply (including power supply, production, lighting, cắm…)
  • Living lighting system: lighting
  • Socket system: sockets sockets
  • Emergency lighting
  • Contiguous system: earthing system (or grounding system)
  • Lightning protection system: lightning protection system

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Electromechanical construction contractor in Ho Chi Minh City

Electromechanical construction contractor in Ho Chi Minh City

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Nhẹ include:

  • Lans and internet: data network system
  • Telephone system: telephone system
  • Security & security system security system
  • Pa system

In other words, in a work, if the architecture represents the beauty of romantic ideas, the construction is a robust body, the main điện system is the healthy heart of the work.

The construction contractor in hcmc Binh duong – dong nai – long an for industrial zones

The construction contractor in hcmc – vixcons designed and built electricity for over nine years. M&e in hcmc specializes in designing and construction of items such as the m&e system, electric power cabinets and lower voltage, …

Especially we have worked in many different provinces: the industrial and industrial contractor in binh duong, dong nai, ho chi minh city, can tho, which is not indispensable to our success and reputation. That’ s the professional engineering team. Be trained in other countries and have many years of experience in the design and construction of electricity systems.

Come to nhẹ thầu , surely the customers will have best construction services in the south. Because we always ask your request and your desire is the happiest. What are you waiting for, to call m&e in hcmc professional and prestige. To be treated with the cheapest package services.

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Thi construction contractor’ s work items in hcmc

M&e contractor in hcmc
The m&e and mechanical systems are also called the electromechanical system. It’ s understandable that part added to the house to be perfected. the me of me is divided into two main parts and parts of the electricity.

The hcmc contractor’ s design process consists of steps:

  1. Design of – cable system
  2. Design and construction of cable chutes in the m&e electromechanical system
  3. – installation design
  4. Implementing preventive measures and upgrading power systems.
  5. Provide maintenance and repair options
  6. Formulate a plan if you move the factory system
  7. Án lắp đặt công công tự tự động hóa

M&e in hcmc – vixcons outside the m&e power system. The hcmc light contractor vixcons also produces and integrates electric cabinets.

The construction contractor in hcmc manufacturing in the medium – voltage and lower – voltage tphcm in hcmc

The medium – voltage cabinet is used to protect the voltage supply lines when there is a problem. In addition, the central electric refrigerator is commonly used in distribution stations. The construction contractor in hcmc

The hạ is the power closet used in the condition to adjust high – and medium – voltage power sources. From transformers to standard power source (1 phase 220v, 3 phase 380v).

– is about the design of the medium – voltage cabinet: the raw materials to produce the electric refrigerator have a high standard. It’ s about meeting the most demanding requirements of customers. Hcmc home repair company

The main – of the electric cabinet: most of the voltage cabinets are quite similar. It consists of shell and table sections to install electrical devices.

Electromechanical construction contractor in Ho Chi Minh City

Electromechanical construction contractor in Ho Chi Minh City

The contractor construction of industrial power at tphcm[ / caption]

Construction and installation of workshop systems in hcmc

M&e in hcmc has launched industrial power construction in hcmc, including the following:

The power system construction system: behind the transformer substation is the main axis of the cable system and attached to mccb. Then, it’ s going to go into the power adapter and the power closet. This cable should be designed underground in metal, pvc, … The construction contractor in hcmc

Cable máng: the support system is fixed to the cable system.

Lắp: this is where the main distribution system is distributed and where the main cable connects the main cable of the electrical system with closed, closed devices. The mbs tủ requires meticulous and precise satisfaction of aesthetic requirements and technical requirements.

Light installation system: including fire alarm systems, cameras, …

Here’ s the important part that the resistance is expecting. It’ s a design report, construction of electricity system.

Next, it’ s going to be the installation of the vixcons transformer system. Invite the readers to reference our professional substations.

Lắp and maintenance of substations in hcmc

Industrial contractor in hcmc classified substations:

Intermediate transformer installation

To convert into voltage of 22 kv – – 35 kv. Transformer stations need to receive voltage at u = 110kv – 220 kv. So the cắt and the high – size transformers. So the intermediate substation often has a large capacity. For that reason, these stations are often outdoor. Electromechanical construction contractor in Ho Chi Minh City

Installation of a workshop substation or distribution substation:

  • Bệt transformer
  • Treo
  • Indoor transformer
  • Steel cylindrical transformer

In addition to the hcm city industry contractor, we have a lot of systems to install systems that speak and design m&e in particular. Next, we’ ll learn the công steps of dien dien dien nghiep vixcons.

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The hcm city contractor’ s construction pricing report bảng hệ

Frequently asked questions of The construction contractor in hcmc – vixcons
M&e thầu in hcmc – vixcons?
The hcmc electromechanical contractor has done hundreds of small works with enough types of work such as: high – rises, companies, factories, apartments, …
To our company, you will certainly be hiring the best design and construction services in the south.

The hcmc construction contractor vixcons in which provinces?

Our contractors have designed and implemented in large provinces such as dong nai, binh phuoc, binh duong, can tho, ben thanh, long an, vung tau, ha nội…

How to communicate directly with the hcmc industrial contractor – vixcons?

The vixcons industrial contractor is one of the largest m&e construction company in vietnam. Our company is widely distributed across the provinces. One of the headquarters was built in hcmc. Electromechanical construction contractor in Ho Chi Minh City


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