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7 Tháng Sáu, 2021
The pre – existing steel mill is industrial, with a large scale, so there are differences compared to other types of construction. What are the requirements to be achieved when the construction of pre – standard steel? Invite you to refer to the post – president’ s post – general post – builder post, the steel construction house, the kiện, the office of the office, office of office, …

1. the advantages of the thép steel house

The tiền of money has superior advantages, the conditions the reinforced concrete framework can’ t get and overcome most of the điểm of reinforced concrete frames.
Construction of pre-engineered steel buildings in Vietnam

Construction of pre-engineered steel buildings in Vietnam

1. 1 frame of steel nhà may be optimal for the capacity of the components

Most of the steel frame types are the u. s. standards and are calculated in advance before putting them into construction. The steel frame is produced in the way of saving materials but still ensuring the capacity to withstand force.

1. 2 construction works with large scale

The steel frame can be used with many kinds of works. Even the work is up to about 30 feet of height and 200 feet wide. Instead of using reinforced concrete frames, the steel frame is used to save a lot of costs, raw materials for big works.

1. 3 fast construction

The small details were produced at the workshop and just brought them to the assembly. This helps speed up the process of building the steel building that the quality of the work works. Moreover, bad weather conditions don’ t affect the time of construction.
Construction of pre-engineered steel buildings in Vietnam

Construction of pre-engineered steel buildings in Vietnam

1. 4 savings cost

Now on the market, the cost of the steel frame is quite high. But in return for the rapid construction of the construction time, it should be able to minimize and save some costs when the construction period lasts. Moreover, it is a reduction of part of the workforce, saving a lot for large projects.

2. construction steel construction standards standards

2. 1 floor building

If the ground is not secure, there must be appropriate measures to handle in time. According to standards, the foundation for building workshops must meet technology criteria as well as some conditions in use.
Factories are very rich. It’ s like the concrete, the bedrock of the cement floor. A small note is the workshop needs to ensure the drainage system and a rigid lining.
Building a plant with concrete, which has to be divided into each cell. is also the most flat base of a warehouse where the material is transported.
Experience in building steel buildings

Experience in building steel buildings

2. 2 construction steel foundation construction

The design of the workshop needs to be required to meet the standards, the characteristics of the soil and natural characteristics. The thi must strictly comply with the rules in the design of the design to ensure the most secure and effective construction.
Building construction foundation design has a lower elevation of ground than the background. The difference between the steel column and the column of reinforced concrete frames and reinforced concrete columns is different.
There must be a gap and the workshop is expected to expand the general design for two contiguous columns. To use the protective material shield, high – corrosive food.

2. 3 construction of steel roofs

The slope of the building roof is based on the roofing material. for example, cement roofing, roof slope, 30 – 40%, about 15 – 20%. Meanwhile, tiled roofs have a 50 – 60% slope.
Water drainage in the roof depends on roofing materials and installation technologies. When designing workshops, selecting the mái will depend on the technology and construction of factories. Office furniture

2. 4 a number of other construction steel construction construction standards

Building walls and walls
The partition wall should be designed for convenience. If you use the brick wall, there must be a waterproof layer of rain, chống with cement.
For windows and windows
The height of each type of door is clearly defined. Have a fixed frame for the big wind – room window or a storm, rather than a clamp. Even the open door system is open.
In the design of the tiền steel design plan, it must require engineering engineers both system of electric lights, nước; system of fire prevention systems
Experience in building steel buildings

Experience in building steel buildings

3. the steps for construction of the steel houses

Receive information from the customer and design consultancy
Survey of current status, field and construction area
On preliminary design, send the investor and the price of the construction of the steel house
To exchange and discuss specific matters with investors so as to agree on the terms and conclusion of construction contracts
The detailed design and re – sending to the investor and the detailed quotation for each category
To perform the construction of work items at the request. All materials, materials must be clear
To conduct the testing of the work items and complete the works and handover. Warranty during the prescribed time if there is a problem. Office design Furniture
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Experience in building steel buildings

Experience in building steel buildings

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