Important things to keep in mind when building a villa

25 Tháng Tám, 2021

Currently, the villa is a luxurious project, showing the owner’s aesthetic taste and status. Building a villa requires a large amount of money, so they always spend a lot of effort and enthusiasm on their house.

To own a house worth the effort and money spent, you should prepare carefully. Before building a villa, the owner needs to consider and determine their needs and abilities.

Things to keep in mind before building a villa

Clearly define the purpose of use before building a villa

The villa is known as a luxurious house to relieve stress after tiring working days so it needs to achieve 3 criteria: relaxation, rest, and enjoyment. 

Homeowners need to clearly define what the villa is for. If built for a family vacation at the weekend, it should be combined with entertainment areas such as a golf course, spa, swimming pool … On the contrary, if used for living, it is necessary to pay attention to the division of each living space to be reasonable, creating a space that suits the preferences of family members.

Define the purpose of use before building a villa

Define the purpose of use before building a villa


Building a villa includes a lot of different investment costs from the cost of measuring, designing, making technical drawings, the cost of finishing the interior, etc. In particular, depending on the price bracket of the design unit, the design cost will fluctuate but not much.

In addition, the cost of building a villa will depend on the area and construction area, the design style as well as the quality of the materials. Expenses for interior finishing include money to buy furniture such as televisions, beds, tables and chairs, air conditioners, etc.

Therefore, if you plan to build a villa soon, you have to start preparing the funds and deduct the missing amounts. If you do not plan and prepare the budget, you may have to stop your work. There have been many families, despite not calculating carefully, they have started to implement. As a result, the project was unfinished and took a long time to complete.

 Preparing the funds

Preparing the funds

Thus, your family should work together to plan the necessary expenses for the items we just mentioned above.

Feng Shui factor

In Asian countries, the issue of feng shui plays a vital role. What does feng shui include? The most basic is the age to build a house, the direction of the house is feng shui, especially with some families doing business and trading.

Some customers do not care about this issue. However, if customers forget to calculate before construction, it is difficult to adjuct later. In some cases, some parts of the house have to be demolished to have a suitable direction.

Feng shui elements include the direction of the house, the direction of some rooms and furniture, the main color, etc. These elements are selected based on the year of the house, the zodiac sign, and so on of the homeowner. 

To have the right feng shui for your home, you should learn and identify the relevant factors. Thus, building a villa will take place more smoothly.

Prepare legal documents

To be allowed to build, the work must satisfy all conditions including:

  • The land area must be legally recognized (license of land use right and ownership of land-attached assets issued by a competent state agency) and licensed for construction.
  • In the case of project land, it must be licensed by the Project Board for construction based on the 1/500 detailed planning of the whole project approved by a competent state agency.
  • Must have a design dossier to apply for a construction permit from a legal entity and have a practicing certificate of construction design consultancy.
  • For villas not on project land, after obtaining a construction permit, they must make construction reports and report to the People’s Committees of wards the construction plan.
Prepare legal documents

Prepare legal documents

Choose land that is easy to build

The land that is beautiful in terms of feng shui also needs to be easy for building a villa. Land plots with a square area, close to roads and airy surroundings will help reduce the cost of transporting materials, construction waste, and construction compared to narrow land with few open surfaces. 

By contrast, building a villa close to the built house is often difficult to handle the foundation, plaster, and paint the walls when finishing.

Survey of actual works before building a villa

Visiting the built works will help you get a true assessment of the design, the actual cost of construction. This process will help you get a good idea to plan the construction of a villa that is affordable, suitable for your needs, and avoids the limitations that the built works have.

Choose the villa design to suit the needs and style of the owner

The cost of building a villa is very different, it partly depends on the design because it affects the cost of labor and materials when building. Therefore, a villa with a simple, modern design will be less expensive and also long outdated, easier to renovate than a complex designed villa.

However, if you like the classic, sophisticated style, you should carefully study the methods to reduce costs.

Choose the villa design to suit the needs and style of the owner

Choose the villa design to suit the needs and style of the owner

Material selection experience

Materials are also an important factor affecting the durability of the building as well as the construction cost. Therefore, when choosing villa construction materials, it is necessary to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Do not choose materials according to the majority: Many people choose materials according to the majority, but in fact, this problem is completely wrong. Each project will require different materials to ensure the texture and sometimes the brand has a difference in quality. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully study the material. The important thing is that it fits your project and your finances. You can absolutely choose materials with good quality and reasonable price.
  • It is necessary to choose materials based on features: Not only the color and shape of your preference, when choosing materials, but you should also pay attention to the features of the material. Each type of material has its own characteristics, so if you are unsure, please consult the owner of the construction unit. They are experienced in selecting materials based on the actual construction process.
  • Minimalist material selection: this is the secret to helping you save on the cost of building a villa. For example, the same paint color, type of brick, wood… for the entire interior space will be better than choosing each type for each room. It is not only not beautiful but also wasteful because each type is a bit redundant. You should choose one main material and only 1-2 other materials for decoration purposes. 
  • Pay attention to the cost of materials: do a price survey to get a lot of material information and compare the best prices to help cut construction costs.

Choose a reputable design consultant

A reputable design consultant will help you solve questions in the process of creating a villa model idea and have construction consultants. It will help you make reasonable space layout options. The villa will ensure both science and feng shui, the most economical.

Choose a quality construction contractor when building a villa

Besides the design and construction of the villa drawing, you need to learn and choose a construction contractor. The construction contractor is the person who realizes your drawings, ensuring the construction quality.

When choosing a contractor, you need to pay attention to the price agreement, how to calculate the construction price, construction time, and responsibilities of the parties.

Choose a quality construction contractor

Choose a quality construction contractor

Things to note in the process of building a villa

Stage before the construction of the villa

In the pre-construction stage, there will be a lot of work to prepare from ground issues, legal issues, materials, design options. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that the procedures are fully implemented.

  • Full legal preparation
  • Learn about building permit regulations
  • Prepare detailed villa design drawings

Foundation construction stage

During this phase of the process of building a villa, you should always supervise and request to complete the foundation construction process including excavation of foundation pits, foundation reinforcement, etc. When completed, there must be a record of acceptance for each stage.

Foundation construction stage

Foundation construction stage

The construction phase of the rough part

Understand the work to be done in the construction of the rough from the reinforced concrete frame system, floor, wall and roof for thorough supervision. Special attention should be paid to the accuracy in measuring and marking the wall construction boundary markers, the distance of installing reinforcement, joining formwork, etc. according to the design drawings. Each construction phase should be pre-accepted before proceeding to the next work.

The final stage of the process of building a villa

At this stage, your villa is gradually being completed. You should monitor carefully to detect the parts that have not been fixed so that you can quickly correct them. 

Building a villa requires owners to carefully prepare resources and need close supervision. Therefore, for the construction process to go smoothly, you should choose a reputable design and construction company and the right villa design

The final stage of the process of building a villa

The final stage of the process of building a villa

With experience and professional staff, VixCons has participated in the construction process of many villas. It can be said that VixCons is one of the most prestigious design and construction companies in the current market. This is a worth considering option when building a villa. 

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