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27 Tháng Sáu, 2021

Industrial factory design company in Ho Chi Minh City – Designing The Workshop At Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An, Vung Tau, Ha Noi, Da Nang, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa

Design Of Industrial Factory In The City. Hcm – Construction Company

What’ s the industrialist?

The industrial house is the type of steel house designed according to architectural drawings and structural drawings. Work at the workshop or plant and set up at work. This type of steel is applied in the workshop, warehouse, garage, supermarket or dụng… to the main steel frame, girder, rough beam, … Factory construction company in Vietnam

Industrial Plant - VixCons . Construction Contractor

Industrial Plant – VixCons . Construction Contractor

Industrial design

One of the top requirements in the construction of the nghiệp; is a star – based design that fits the production chain system. To do this requires the architect to carefully compute the technical parameters to ensure that no conflicts occur during the construction process.

Foundation and foundation solution

A foundation or a pile of nails or a pile of nails, with a bracing framework. It’ s going to work on the top of the solid ground below.

Depending on the solution, the house sets the machines in the workshop and the tanks or containers. The goal is to design accordingly. In general, the industrial infrastructure is poured 150 mm thick (200 mm). Underneath the base is a tight base layer. The floor is designed on an elastic basis or using sci’ s safe software to compute internal computing. From there, choose the thickness of the background and layout steel.

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The frame’ s for the deal and the snake

The iron and steel framework is designed to optimize the structure. Usually, using the composite steel component to weld the l. a. cấu structure can use steel instead of combined steel.

The alignment of the foundation with nail bolts or also called anchors.

Design consultancy to build a solid foundation

Design consultancy to build a solid foundation

Roofing plate

The industrial tiền often use a lightweight roofing to reduce the weight of the framework for the framework and snake. The solution is considered to be the roofing roofing with the insulating material such as the glass cotton or the airbag insulation. More advanced than insulating panels.

The mezzanine in the design of industrial buildings

The industry has a large height to create ventilation. The usual height of 20 meters. So, the addition of the lửng floor is easy. The mezzanine in the industrial house is an extension of the dụng; space for the investor and flexibility with the space below.

The mezzanine has two main solutions. It’ s the deck of concrete decks and cemboard floors.

Deck solutions build a hard floor for office power.

A lightweight cemboard slab solution for renovation. During the office, the office and warehouses meet the need for further expansion of the investor’ s use area. Construction Company in Ho Chi Minh City

industrial factory design and construction company in Ho Chi Minh City

industrial factory design and construction company in Ho Chi Minh City

Construction of industrial factory in hcmc – construction solutions

Speaking of the industrial model of the industry, the industry will think of the steel buildings that work with steel frames. Because of the kèo, the building’ s column and frame framework are all produced at máy;’ s house, so construction and erection at work are easier than ever. This has helped investors save a lot of the time of the construction of the nghiệp; workshop early to bring the plant into operation to collect economic efficiency quickly.

The application in industry not only provides optimal industrial designers with the kèo framework from the chế; steel frame, which reduces the cost of building it, which also provides complete material design for the refrigerating system and the refrigeration system inside the building.

Depending on the requirements of building workshops on the market the workshop models will be studied and built based on standards and strict requirements that are introduced in the industry.

When designing the nghiệp; architects, architects don’ t forget to design both the xe; and the green ones around the work. The arrangement of sub – categories in a reasonable area shall have the maximum effect of the construction density for the workshop. It’ s also one of the things that many architects love because it gives them a lot of creativity.

Industrial factory design process in vixcons

Workshop design

The construction unit shall visit the location of the site, ground ground where the project construction project and the design plan shall be made.

– then provides options for technology, technical infrastructure for designing workshop design, more reasonable warehouses.

– for projects that are required for architecture, design such as offices, xưởng… of construction units shall provide the best architectural plans.

– optimizes the plans for the environment and fire prevention and fighting in accordance with the provisions of industrial zones or industrial complexes that we design construction for.

– provides plans for the foundations of the foundation in conformity with the geology in the construction area.

– standards and main standards are applied when designing workshop designs.

industrial factory design and construction company in Ho Chi Minh City

industrial factory design and construction company in Ho Chi Minh City

Technical engineering design

The construction technical dossiers shall have to have a drawing of the description of the total construction works or the drawings of the construction works plan constructed according to the route.

– every workshop has the technology requirements. These works need to be mapped or technological drawings.

– for works with architectural requirements, need to draw up drawings, architectural plans.

– draws plans with structural plans. interior furniture for Ho Chi Minh City

Contents of construction drawing drawings

The contents of drawing up drawings of construction drawing workshops shall be composed of design explanations, design drawings or documents that are surveyed related to construction estimates.

The contents of the design of the construction drawing workshop must be full of technical information and materials used and detailed in conformity with the applicable standards. Designing drawings must fully meet the conditions for construction of construction works.

industrial factory design and construction company in Ho Chi Minh City

industrial factory design and construction company in Ho Chi Minh City

The process of construction of industrial houses in hcmc, hanoi, da nang city.

The industrial construction process is similar to the construction processes of many khác; models including the following three basic steps:

Step 1. receive and preserve materials at work

– received: since the characteristic of the steel frame is that all components are produced at the máy; house, only one small component can affect the construction progress of the construction.

In the receipt of the need to ensure adequate supplies and components to process the construction process. Therefore, when receiving the materials necessary to ensure the party’ s votes and the receiver shall be signed in full.

– preserved: supplies when traveling to the work must be set up at points designated for sẵn; to be placed in order to prevent tư; from the base of the surface. the large pieces of silver are used to cover the material in the area. the large pieces are used to cover the material. Industrial factory design company

Step 2. construction and construction of nail bolts. Industrial factory design company

Building bolts of nails are the first stages of industrial buildings. The process will be held by the skilled workers after the bolts are installed, and the concrete will come to the ground.

Step 3. construct steel structures, roof and snake

This is the main installation for industrial buildings. Depending on the volume of bằng; and the size of the components that need to be arranged in reasonable locations.

Eventually, it’ ll be a roof over the roof, and we’ ll set up the water supply system for the work.

Building vixcons to see your satisfaction is our success.

Factory design and construction process

Factory design and construction process

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