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What is Industrial Building? VIX DESIGN 

Because of its practicality in addressing all of the aesthetic needs of a growing society and people’s tastes in terms of different product needs, industrial design is an appealing and never-ending “HOT” field. The level of all models is increasing. So, to learn more about the industrial design sector, please read the following VixCons article.

1. What is Industrial Building?

Industrial design, often known as design, product design, and so on, belongs to the category of the applied arts. This is the branch of work that deals with the shape and function of items made by industry and by hand. Styling designers are crucial in introducing new formats to both individual and communal product systems. Industrial items, whether little or huge, develop their own attractiveness and impression to suit customer needs in today’s industrialized society.

According to global trends, industrial designers should expand their scope beyond just developing physical things to include experience design, which is becoming increasingly important as modern technology shifts consumers’ perceptions of so-called “industrial products.

Product design, like other design professions, begins with the ability to sketch and conceptualize in blocks. In addition, understanding of aesthetics, sketching skills, 3D drawing, and construction on all specialized materials such as pottery, wood, leather, rattan, bamboo, and so on will be developed while learning. 

Graduation projects allow students to put their knowledge to use by solving complex problems for a specific product.

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2. What will you be taught by studying Industrial Building?

If you decide to study industrial design, you will encounter elements such as:

  • Art history, sculpting, and design in general
  • Nature, color science, and vision research
  • Basic shapes, design history, and industrial aesthetics are all important considerations.
  • Photo studios and photo art
  • Designing products as a specialty: Design and shape principles, materials, modeling techniques, decorations, home appliances, toys, modes of transportation, and so on
  • Graphic design major: graphic design principles, concept development, typography, graphic design techniques, general advertising, typography, advertising visuals, appropriate package printing processes…
  • Principles of costume design, cutting and sewing processes, fabric pattern making, material handling, and costume embellishment are all covered in the fashion stylist major. Each designer creates children’s clothing, athletics, lingerie, office wear, festival costumes, and makeup…
  • Principles of interior design, interior structure, interior materials, show furniture, office furniture, public interior services, educational or professional cultural works are all majors in interior decoration. Theme of art…

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3. Ability to work after graduation

The capacity to generate patterns and designs for a wide range of industrial products, including packaging, interior design, jewelry, and fashion… In addition, children’s toys or household products are included in the field of environmental design, the world of things, household appliances, cosmetics, and so on.

4. Eligible qualities to study Industrial Building

  • With a vivid imagination and a passion for creation, you are  always studying and exploring.
  • High-level aesthetic considerations
  • capturing fashion trends and the world’s notion of beauty in each period
  • Sensitive to the preferences and demands of users
  • Shape-making ability, innovation, patience, and attention to detail
  • Cultural capital abounds, as does a love of the arts.


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