Residential Area Construction

Residential design – a dynamic and flexible field. It is not like mechanical design or construction items that can be easily standardized, it is very diverse and different, depending on the place with specific spaces and in other regions. together. Difference is also a motivating factor to create cities with identity. If there are more normative standards or design guidelines, they should only be basic requirements and stop at general principles. Please follow this article from VixCons about Residential design area. 

I. Status of planning and design of residential areas

Right after the country entered the doi moi period, construction work took place everywhere in our country. Residential areas have the opportunity to be developed at a fast pace, on a large scale and quite comprehensive in most respects.

Residential design is a specialized field. It needs to be determined proactively right from the general planning concept step of the planning project. It can’t just be the orientation by the typical design details of the detailed planning step. This must be a comprehensive step to concretize from the issues of the overall space of the urban infrastructure system to the details of the urban landscape. This is the step to form a complete system of records, meeting a sequence of construction plans and detailed estimates of the design area.

We all know that residential design is not just what people see every day. Because it’s like a miniature society. But the end result of urban design is what people perceive, it exists every day in an increasingly modern living environment. It affects people in all space and time, so this is a very sensitive issue.

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The importance of residential area from VixCons

The importance of residential area from VixCons

II. How to set up a residential project

1. Project description

  1. The need and objectives of the investment; construction site, land use demand and other inputs.
  2. Description of construction scale and area, work items including main works, auxiliary works and other works; analysis and selection of technical options, technology and capacity.
  3. Implementation solutions include:

Plans for site clearance, resettlement and plans to support the construction of technical infrastructure;

Architectural design plans for works in urban areas and works with architectural requirements;

The project exploitation plan and the use of labor;

Implementation segment, implementation schedule and project management form.

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  1. Environmental impact assessment, fire and explosion prevention and control solutions and security and defense requirements.
  2. Total investment of the project; ability to arrange capital, capital sources and ability to provide capital according to schedule; capital return plans for projects requiring capital recovery and analysis and assessment of the economic – financial and social efficiency of the project.

Design of residential areas shall be carried out during the formulation stage of work construction investment projects on the basis of the selected design plan, ensuring the presentation of the main technical parameters in accordance with regulations, standards, and standards. standards are applied, which is the basis for implementing the next design steps.

1 residential area design includes 2 parts: Basic design content including explanation and drawing part

The basic design explanation includes the following contents:

  • Briefly introduce the construction site, design plan; the total ground of the work, or the plan of the route of the work, for the works built along the line; location and scale of construction of work items; the connection between the project’s work items and the technical infrastructure of the area;
  • Technological plans, technological lines, for works with technological requirements;
  • Architectural plans for works with architectural requirements;
  • The plan of the main structure, technical system and main technical infrastructure of the work;
  • Plan for environmental protection, fire prevention and fighting according to the provisions of law;
  • List of major regulations and standards to be applied.

The basic design drawing part includes:

  • The drawing of the total ground of the work or the drawing of the plan of the construction route, for works built along the route;
  • Technological diagrams, drawings of technological lines, for works with technological requirements;
  • Drawings of architectural plans for works with architectural requirements;
  • Drawing of the main structure plan, technical system, main technical infrastructure of the work, connected to the technical infrastructure of the area.

With a team of engineers graduated from famous universities at home and abroad, Thien Minh has been trusted by the investor to design and supervise the actual construction of many residential projects, bringing the best solutions. optimal design method, safe and saving investment costs and construction time.

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III. Criteria for residential area 

1. Housing standard

  • Reasonable arrangement according to your housing space such as a place of worship, a formal living room, etc.
  • Rearrange the system of auxiliary works, have a plan and organize the relocation of works that do not ensure the beauty, hygiene, and convenience, and do not adversely affect the surrounding households and the community.
  • Perform other contents well to ensure standards according to criterion number 1 of the model residential area criteria

    Housing standard when designing residential area

    Housing standard when designing residential area

2. Household gardens and livestock works

The design of each household’s garden is a planning drawing of the garden, including:

2.1 There is a garden design scheme:

+ Households propose ideas themselves, with the advice of village and commune officials and consultants to complete the diagram with the requirement of achieving the highest land use efficiency, ensuring crops and livestock the best growth and development, the highest economic efficiency, the green and beautiful environment.

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2.2 House garden embellishment:

+ On the basis of the design scheme, households will have standard garden decoration, minimizing wasteful destruction. Structures should be arranged in advance (including garden paths, irrigation and drainage systems for daily living); Prioritize planting perennial trees, especially fruit trees…

+ Livestock barns must be at least 5 m away from houses and water supply works; ensure hygiene (waste, wastewater must be treated before being discharged into the environment); not adversely affect the community; Arranged from front to back so that it is hygienic and creates a beautiful landscape, for households raising pigs with a scale of more than 5 pigs / litter, it is recommended to build a biogas tank so as not to pollute the surrounding environment.

2.3. Orientation of the entrance to the house

Arrange to plant green plants such as sweet cotton, plum tea, hibiscus… as rows of trees on both sides of the house’s entrance to create a green, beautiful landscape, create clean, clean lips, close to the house and body. benevolent.

+ Each household has a drainage ditch from inside the house to the alley or to the back of the garden. Before exiting, it is preliminarily treated.

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3. Fence criteria

There are 2 criteria (priority is to “green” the fence)

3.1. Green fence. Appropriate pruning so that the trees reach approximately the same height and equal thickness with the appropriate height between the house and adjacent households.

+ For households that do not have green fences: support and advice on plant varieties for planting.

3.2. Constructed fences, iron fences must be covered with green or planted more trees outside the fence with shady trees and vines. (if already built).

For example: Five-year-old trees, paper flowers…

Fence standard in building residential area

Fence standard in building residential area

4. Traffic criteria

There are 3 criteria:

4.1. The village trunk road of the sample residential area is asphalt or concrete (according to regulations: The main road of the village and inter-village is 3.5m wide, the roadbed is 5m wide; the alleyway is 3m wide, the roadbed is wide. 4m, with drains on both sides).

4.2. Building, expanding and upgrading roads in residential areas, ensuring roads in residential areas meet traffic standards for each road grade.

4.3. Roads in residential areas are guaranteed to have a green, clean and beautiful environment.

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5. Criteria for cultural houses and village sports areas

There are 6 criteria

    a. Culture

5.1. The land area of ​​the cultural house is from 500 m2 or more

– The cultural house must have 100 seats or more. However, depending on the condition of the number of households/villages to build a cultural house to meet the seating needs….

5.2. Regularly organize cultural, artistic and sports activities of the village.

5.3. Flower gardens and ornamental plants are designed and planted with suitable tree species.

5.4. Green tree planting area (about 10% of land for cultural houses); Design and plant trees such as mango, milkweed, longan, etc. or some other shade trees;

   b. Sport area:

5.5. Area of ​​sports, at least 2,000m2 or more, can be used for volleyball, badminton… (not necessarily attached to the House of Culture).

5.6. There are gates; protective fences (green fence or other fence covered with green trees).

– For the case of built fences or barbed wire: Plant vines on the green fence walls (climbing flowers).

6. Power system

There are 3 criterias:

6.1. Electricity in operation must ensure the technical requirements of the electricity industry, coordinate with the Electricity Branch to regularly check, maintain and maintain the electricity protection corridor to ensure compliance with regulations..

6.2. Electrical lighting ensures appropriate technical and aesthetic requirements.

6.3. There is an electric lighting system on the roads at night.

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