Workplace Refurbishment


The office is seen as a critical platform for unleashing the staff’s creative potential and unrestricted productivity. As a result, creating a new design for the company is quite crucial and necessary.

The job of renovating, restoring, updating, and rejuvenating the working area in order to save money and time is known as office renovation. Vix Cons will present clients with the design secrets of office refurbishment in the next article.

Benefits of office renovation for businesses

The creation and functioning of enterprises rely heavily on office refurbishment. The reason why an incredibly young, energetic, and welcoming working environment is an infinite supply of motivation for each enterprise’s collective personnel to be able to develop innovation in each task. entrusted.

Creating and renewing a dull workspace to make it more vibrant and professional will help you improve your company’s image and appearance in the eyes of partners and consumers.

With a cost-effective office makeover design plan, you will be able to maximize space, equipment, and furniture while also saving money for your company. This is the benefit of an office makeover or a move to a new site.

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Benefits of office renovation for businesses

Benefits of office renovation for businesses

Notes when preparing to renovate the office

Research and plan office refurbishment

  • This will serve as the foundation for any future decisions about the company’s office refurbishment. Someone will be chosen to work with the leadership to create a list of the content that has to be completed during the remodeling process in order to ensure that it is appropriate for the business’s aims and demands. The following is an example:
  • Budget sources should be allocated.
  • What is included in the workstation (equipment, furnishings), what is not, and what is missing? What goods and furniture can be utilized again and what has to be improved. Will the workplace remodeling have an impact on the company’s productivity?
  • What is the small space that needs to be renovated? The objective of the group as a workspace to maintain an atmosphere of enthusiasm and high attention in order to work efficiently? Is this idea in accordance with the company’s overall budget and goals when it comes to office renovations?
  • What are the goals, strategies and future direction?

Based on the results of the analysis of these factors, you can find a good plan to renovate the workspace, ensure the aspirations of the collective, optimize costs while ensuring the development strategy.


Choosing a design & construction unit to renovate the office

One of the most important things to remember when remodeling an office is to select a trustworthy, quality, professional office renovation design unit, and to ensure that the job is progressing as expected so that you can correctly evaluate the actual condition, office space, and overall construction.

To be able to choose a suitable unit and sign a long-term working contract, you must objectively and properly examine criteria such as capacity profiles, project evaluations, and advantages – downsides of each unit.

Choosing a design & construction unit to renovate the office

Choosing a design & construction unit to renovate the office

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Analysis of design solutions and final design approval

You must study and analyze all issues linked to the overall space after surveying the completed status quo and the selected design unit has delivered the layout drawings, 3D drawings. The body, color, style, and furnishings employed, as well as the lighting and electrical systems…

The workplace remodeling ensures an incredibly intimate connection between employees across departments and teams, producing an open atmosphere that is more vibrant, youthful, and invigorates the office’s creativity. enterprise. At the same time, the makeover must maintain the office’s professionalism and modernism.

Choosing and arranging furniture in the office

Businesses will look for furniture products with suitable designs, prices, and features that are compatible with the design plan based on the assigned budget and actual needs.

You should also appoint persons who are responsible, competent, and knowledgeable about furniture to monitor at the job site and sign for acceptance of finished work items.

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Overall re-evaluation of office space after renovation

The company resumed normal operations when the office remodeling was completed. Now is the moment to rethink your office space as a whole.

Ascertain that each employee is pleased with the adjustment and dedicated to higher production. Simultaneously, you must learn from real-world initiatives.

Overall re-evaluation of office space after renovation

Overall re-evaluation of office space after renovation


Some items of office renovation

Changing your workspace

This distinguishes the office from the room, as well as how to ensure that the area’s table, chair, and file cabinet arrangements are appropriate and sensible.

As a result, tearing down the wall between the apartment buildings is necessary not only to provide more open space but also to improve the office’s usable space.

You can also use glass, plaster, or thin wood wall panels to partition the workspace. These panels do not need to be installed close to the ceiling, but they do assist save money on materials and electricity by sharing air conditioners.

In addition, to guarantee that the office space is well ventilated, you must calculate and organize furniture and equipment in a logical and scientific manner. Using trees in the office to separate departments and locations according to feng shui is something to keep in mind to have an environmentally friendly workspace

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Changing the office ceiling

Changing the office ceiling

It is critical to renovate the working ceiling in order to have a well-lit office that encourages your employees’ creativity.

If your office ceiling is made of concrete, you should repaint it with a light hue that complements the rest of the room. If the ceiling is plaster or wood, consider replacing other ceilings to make lighting, air conditioning, and phone lines easier to organize.

Prestigious and quality office construction and renovation unit

VixCons has a staff of highly skilled engineers and architects with substantial interior design and architecture experience. As a result, VixCons is dedicated to providing consumers with innovative, original designs that are in accordance with national and international architectural trends at a fair cost. More importantly, VixCons’ redesigned designs always accurately express the company’s thoughts and goals.

  • VixCons provides an 8-step scientific and professional working approach that ensures all customers receive the best possible results:
  • Customers’ requirements are met and received.
  • Investigate the existing issue and devise a strategy.
  • Send a price list for each item and design in detail.
  • Contract negotiations and signing
  • Execute the task in accordance with the contract and design.
  • The transfer of the project has been agreed upon.
  • Conduct item acceptance testing and review the terms of the contract you signed with the customer.
  • Execute the warranty in accordance with the agreed-upon terms.

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VixCons carefully considers and calculates the necessary prices for each office refurbishment item in a practical and considerate manner before pricing customers, thanks to an enthusiastic team. With VixCons, you can rest assured that your money is in good hands.

At the same time, VixCons is devoted to taking responsibility for every stage of the implementation process, from design to production, ensuring the safety, quality, and features of each item. Hopefully, after reading the above, you will have had the opportunity to renovate your office to make it more modern and cost-effective.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the office relocation, please contact VixCons by phone at 084-975-969-608 or email at for assistance.

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