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11 Tháng Sáu, 2021

The company builds a factory in Vietnam, In Ho Chi Minh City, HaNoi City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai

The construction pricing unit shall be one of the issues where the investors are placed in the first place when deciding the investment project and selecting the construction unit for their works. Vixcons construction company to share the article below and try to describe the factors affecting the construction unit prices and unit prices for the employer to refer to and introduce the total cost of construction investment for himself.

1. what does the construction unit price for?

Unit building unit price Construction Vixcons including all of the elements to be workshop construction :

  • Building supplies
  • Construction worker
  • Construction machinery
  • Construction expenses.
  • Other costs: such as makeshift tents, electricity, management, protection, …

In this article, we offer the unit price building factory for basic thô include:

  • Foundation and factory base.
  • Structure of steel frame and wall walls, covering cover.

The cost has not included (these sections need detailed design drawings to see):

  • Electricity, water, air conditioning
  • Cháy fire department
Factory construction company in Vietnam

Factory construction company in Vietnam

2. factors affecting the unit’ s construction price unit unit price?

a. the work of the workshop

The workshop will do what determines the plan, structure and materials workshop construction how to fit the background solution, the steel structure, the nóng, the solution to cover, the accompanying sub – categories

Factory capacity is the first and decisive factor that determines the cost building factory .

  • For example, the workshop serves only a small cargo warehouse, only the workshop is not high, but if it is a warehouse containing the machinery, mechanical or valuable products, the plant shall be required to be safe and can be added to the lifting and transport of the trục.

If the factory capacity serves business activities, production and production shall have other supporting works such as the offices, dining houses, motels for cadres, employees and houses, warehouses and warehouses of phẩm…

b. place of building of workshop

The location, location of the workshop also has a minor effect on the cost construction unit as the following factors:

  • Is that regional geology good?

If the location building factory you’re in a good geology area, flat, and you’ ll be able to minimize the cost of the foundation if the construction position is on the surface of the muddy soil, the geology is certainly going to have to arise.

  • Is the construction site convenient?

To transport material supplies for construction work? The electricity, the service water and the construction are available?. It all affects the construction unit price. Because if it’ s not convenient, it’ s going to take a lot of effort to transport materials into construction.

Factory construction company in Vietnam

Factory construction company in Vietnam

c) building scale

Building scale

One of the obvious is that the size of the plant has a unit price / m2 will lower than the smaller factory buildings.

With the same structure and material solutions construction unit price but 1, 000 m2, the 5000m2 factory and factory 10, 000 m2 are different.

d. model

The cost of building workshops for modern workshops with new materials must be higher than the samples factory work simple, traditional materials.

In addition to the workshops enclosed with the workshop, such as ventilation ventilation, shutters, canopy, or sổ…, or sổ… building building .

Factory construction company in Vietnam

Factory construction company in Vietnam

e. time of workshop construction

Used main material workshop construction here’ s the steel (70 trọng% ), Construction Vixcons that the construction unit prices depend heavily on the price of steel. There are five volatile steel prices to 100% or 150%, so investment costs in that year can fluctuate 1. 7 times. A small number for investors.

Moreover, the beginning of the year is the right time for construction because the weather is very favorable, the construction projects are dập. While at the end of the year, the project has run a long way while stormy weather affects slow construction on the site.

f / to request the construction progress of the workshop

The workshop process takes place very quickly in three –, depending on the requirements of the investor.

Construction construction schedule

Machinery and equipment are calculated and bought by investors immediately after completion of construction for preparation for production. Sometimes, for a reason, the construction progress of the workshop is pushed very quickly and requires a very high effort from the contractor, both the human resources and machinery, and sometimes change the construction measure on the construction site and this will make the construction price high.

The company builds a factory in Vietnam

The company builds a factory in Vietnam

g. Workshop contractor

In fact, there is no resemblance between contractors. Each contractor will have different strengths and advantages, and there are different assessments and the quality of construction is different so it will produce different prices. It’ s normal if a person understands the factory market

3. how to optimize construction costs?

Don’ t cause cheap báo, but forget about quality. Not sure it’ s the best solution for you. The cost is always accompanied by quality so that it is optimal to optimize the cost with a good quality meeting the investor’ s requirements. It’ s always a complicated problem for both sides.

To optimize costs, for both investors and contractors, we need to pay attention to two stages of design and construction. Not one of them is either. Office Design Furniture 

Optimizing construction cost building costs

Design phase

To present the plan for designing coherent architecture and the rational and accurate structural plan to save the cost and working time. A good design plan also helps investors avoid both the costs of repairing reform, which arise if any later.

Workshop stage

You need to pay attention to the measure and construction process .If you have a good construction plan that will save a lot of time and costs for both investors and construction contractors. This will require a lot of effort and experience, contractor’ s capacity. So choosing home also necessary.

With factory construction company consulting with both design and construction issues is always considered to be considered for the investor. Because they’re going to understand a better job. The contract then is the design and construction contract for a company responsible both for the complete design and construction. It’ ll all be synchronized.

Factory design

Factory design

4. in 2021

As mentioned above, there are many factors that affect the construction unit price. So it’ s hard to make a precise price, every contractor offers a different price. The company builds a factory in Vietnam

Construction unit price

For more precisely factory construction unit price , you should contact directly to get specific advice from professional companies on this field. (you can also contact the company Construction Vixcons We’ ll support you for free advice.

Within the scope of the article, with multi – project construction experience, we will introduce basic unit prices for some types of workshops, so that you have a general view and consult and anticipate construction costs for your work.

Magnetic price 1. 610, 000 vnd / m2 – 2, 500, 000 vnd / m2 depending on the area, the size of the workshop, the business line, the framework of the column, the workshop. The company offers the price – level reference table, depending on the area.1. the unit price applied to the steel mill: the system exceeds 20 meters. Office furniture

Preliminary description:

  • Reinforced concrete plant, epoxy paint
  • Height of 7. 5m;
  • Column.
  • 50mm panel, panel, nhôm
  • Gypsum ceiling

The workshop uses reinforced concrete columns, frames for the steel and roof steel agreement

Construction unit price: vnd 2, 000, 000 / m2 to 2, 200, 000 vnd / m2.

Preliminary description:

  • The height below 7. 5 feet
  • Reinforced concrete column
  • Because of the combination, there’ s a skylight
  • Tôn 0, 50 yards
  • Walls 220, thưng and shutters

2 / unit price applied to the workshop, simple warehouse

Area: under 1500m2, below 7. 5m, core steel or concrete columns, steel bars, canned steel, wall 100mm wall, wall 100mm wall, tole

No crane: construction unit price 1. 300. 000 vnd / m2 – 1. 500. 000 vnd / m2.

There’ s a 5 – ton axis bridge: unit unit price: 1. 800. 000 vnd / m2 – 2. 000. 000 vnd / m2

Description of the work:

  • Height 7. 5 feet
  • Wall 110, thưng, chớp
  • The roof of a class 0, 45mm
  • Composite bar
  • 15cm concrete
The company builds a factory in Vietnam

The company builds a factory in Vietnam

3 / unit price applied to manufacturers, workshops, warehouses (non – concrete)

Price: 450, 000 dong / m2 –  1200, 000 / m2 A thickness of 1, 8 8mm 2mm 2, 5×10 sắt, 6×12, i100 – i200, vít, screws, kết, căng, 4, 4, lông, vít, kết, 4, 4, lông, vít, 4.

Attention The price of the human unit is shown above just to refer to, if you have a need to learn the building price unit, contact prestigious construction company Construction Vixcons to get the most accurate quotation. The company builds a factory in Vietnam

Frequently Asked Questions. The company builds a factory in Vietnam

Sentence 1: how much time will the steel frame save?

Traditional concrete structures shall be lost from 3 – for a period of three weeks to wait for dry concrete, ẩm for concrete but with a combined steel frame combined with nhẹ. You can skip the time of curing concrete. The time will shorten about a month of construction. Not to mention if the water is not technically correct, the host will make the concrete crack.

Sentence 2: the steel frame that helps save the construction costs?

Saving the time immediately means that the owner has saved a lot of cost. When the construction time is prolonged, the electricity, worker’ s money, the daily consumption of the goods, the water supply and other allowances shall also increase.

Sentence 3: what type of steel frame does the money frame usually match?

Enclosed with the steel – plated steel frame is the nhẹ concrete floor, deck floors, cemboard concrete sàn. But the combination of light panels with the steel frame is currently used. Because the strength of the concrete floor is equivalent to reinforced concrete with reinforced concrete, it is more reassuring than the rest of the floor. factory rental In Ho Chi Minh City

Sentence 4: how does the steel frame fit the works ? The company builds a factory in Vietnam

It is necessary to install steel bars designed according to the design of the steel frame, which will be applied to the construction of the construction of the construction, the thị, and the construction of the workshop, the thị, the construction of the workshop, the thị, the construction of the workshop, the thị, and the construction of the workshop, is not intended to be extended

These kinds of works should now be used in a way that would be more appropriate than traditional methods. The company builds a factory in Vietnam

Sentence 5: the steel frame is applied to the new building?

With newly built houses that have a strong foundation, it is strong to apply the steel frame that is considered the most intelligent decision. Because there’ s a strong foothold, the building of a steel frame will be faster and simpler. Just the transport of steel frames is designed to be built into the work and installation in accordance with the design drawing

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