The most popular villa design trends in 2022 for your family

20 Tháng Tám, 2021

Over the past few years, with the increasing demand for quality of life, there is a rising number of people who want to own the most luxurious and comfortable living space. Therefore, the search for a suitable villa design is of great interest to many people.

Which design is suitable, what style should be chosen, which is the problem many homeowners worry about when preparing to start building a villa. This article will provide the most modern villa design trends.

Benefits of owning a right villa design

A beautiful villa design brings a lot of practical benefits to people. Therefore, in modern society, homeowners who intend to build houses want to find the best design units for themselves. This is intended to provide:

  • A beautiful home affects the mood and emotions of humans. Especially for those who live in that house, the beauty of the house will contribute positively to the lives of family members.
  • Expressing the class, the aesthetic taste of the owner
  • Beautiful villa design, harmonious space makes people’s lives more convenient. In particular, spaces are arranged scientifically and comfortably.
  • Beautiful home design and decoration also contribute to beautifying the surrounding space.
Owning a right villa design

Owning a right villa design

Limitations when you own a villa with inappropriate design

Housing design has a great influence on the quality of life of family members. A beautiful villa design will make members happy, comfortable to rest, relax and live. On the contrary, if you own inappropriate house designs, the following limitations are very likely to occur:

  • Inappropriate space makes the house ugly in the eyes of the guests who come to visit the house.
  • Not suitable the dining room and bedroom make it difficult for family members to eat and rest
  • The living of the homeowner faces many difficulties because the space arrangement lacks science and logic. As a result, the space will be stuffy, lacking the comfort and balance that homeowners need.
  • Inappropriate villa designs also waste money, time and effort.
Housing design has a great influence on the quality of life

Housing design has a great influence on the quality of life

Things to answer to determine villa design trend

Do you prefer classic or modern style?

Classical villas are often characterized by a rather serious style, with a massive pedestal thanks to large columns, halls and balconies, and huge wooden doors. Classic French-style villas are also decorated with many textures on dense and meticulous wall panels, with high aesthetics. 

By contrast, modern villas often exude a youthful and new look thanks to fancy and creative shapes, using many large glass windows to make the most of the view of nature. Modern architecture favors harmony with nature, there are many smooth and flat walls arranged liberally.

Do you prefer classic or modern style

Do you prefer classic or modern style

Do you prefer vibrant or neutral colors?

Color has a great impact on the villa design. Color will help your villa be more unique, creating the beauty of the house. Therefore, you need to determine what color your house will be so that you can find the right style.

Do you want the villa to have the style of “Less is better” or “More is better”?

Villa style also shows your preferences. If you are a person who loves simplicity and wants your villa to be in the same style, you can choose modern, contemporary, and so on. These styles are all simple but no less luxurious.

On the other hand, If you want a villa with a magnificent, palatial, sophisticated style in every detail, the classic villas, Gothic style villas, etc. are the ideal choice. 

To sum up, an ideal villa design not only ensures aesthetics but also meets the needs and preferences of the owner. Thus, to have a suitable living space, you need to determine the style you want.

The most modern villa design trends:

Classical Villas style

Derived from ancient Greek and Roman architecture, the common features of this type of architecture are columns and domes. However, to match the criteria of simple villas, the architects have slightly modified these characteristics to produce a beautiful but not too picky villa design.

The trend of Classical villas style focuses on decorative carvings with sophisticated patterns, recreating the culture of Ancient Architecture. The magnificent Doric, Ionic or Corinth columns have become an important feature in the classical architectural style, both as a solid pillar and as a highlight to exalt the value of noble and luxurious living space.

Classical Villas style

Classical Villas style

Moreover, the use of new materials such as construction steel that is bent into beautiful curves on the balcony, or the addition of elegant details has resulted in a gracefully beautiful villa design. This Villa design trend brings a magnificent image like a palace.

In particular, the interior decoration must also be in harmony with the exterior. Therefore, you should use a magnificent crystal chandelier with meticulous details, luxurious sofa sets accompanied by delicate floral embroidered pillows.

Neoclassical villa design

The villa design in neoclassical style is not too difficult to adhere to the structure of the columns, so the overall architecture shows lightness and elegance. Although the villa still uses carved lines but is not sophisticated, the neoclassical style villa creates harmony with the outside world. 

Neoclassical villa design

Neoclassical villa design

The living space has a combination of classic style and modern quality, both luxurious and elegant. 

Mediterranean style villa

The Mediterranean-style villa model is a combination, preserving the quintessence of Asian and European architectural cultures. This villa design brings the lightness of the sea with fresh coastal blue or passionate, fiery Spanish Baroque with hot colors.

The Mediterranean architectural style has vividly reproduced the local culture through every detail in the door frames, walls and floors. 

Mediterranean-style villa

Mediterranean-style villa

Modern villa design

Born in the 20th century and strongly developed after the second world war. It is considered the dominant architectural style for buildings of the 21st century. The reference of this style is “Less is more” or also known as “The simpler the better”.

The modern style gives architects a large creative space. Developed in the period when science has made breakthrough developments, these modern villa designs have applied a lot of advanced scientific techniques to create a light supply system, rich nature, impressive open space.

Modern villa design

Modern villa design

The arrangement of the convex and indent spaces cleverly and meticulously calculated has given the owner of this villa a wide viewing angle that can see the outside space anytime, anywhere.

Contemporary style villa

Contemporary style villas with unique and strange variations are attracting the attention of many homeowners who have a passion for innovation. It is an architectural world that breaks traditional lines, interweaving and arranging colors, lines and blocks like a children’s jigsaw puzzle. 

The contemporary villa design is also a challenge to the limits of space and structure.

Contemporary style villa

Contemporary style villa

Eco villa style

The eco-style villa design is a way to bring green space into every corner of the house. The garden and even indoor grounds become cool and vibrant vegetation combined with a swimming pool and a relaxing outdoor view. 

This is a villa model for homeowners who love nature. With this villa space, you will feel one with nature, away from busy daily life

Eco-style villa

Eco-style villa

The natural villa design trend

The villa has a natural style using wood as the main material, covering all the surrounding space. Wood has a cooling effect in the summer and is warm in the winter.

In addition, the natural-style villa also creates an idyllic living space combined with a garden that will be an ideal place to relax for family members on weekends. This villa design will give your family a cozy space to gather together.

Natural style

Natural style

Gothic style villa design

These are beautiful villa designs associated with the French Renaissance architectural style, including features: pointed arches, ribbed vaults and anti-flying pillars. Similar to the classic style, when adding gothic details to the villa design, the architects have moderated most of the typical details of this style to build beautiful simple villas.

When imported into Vietnam, the architects have interwoven and blended the details of French architecture with the pure Vietnamese spirit and created a beautiful simple villa in harmony with both decorative details and colors.

In our country, Da Lat is one of the places where there are many French-style villas in Vietnam. The details in the beautiful villa design here are meticulously cared to show the pomp and luxury of the owner’s aesthetic taste. This villa design creates a luxurious, ancient and mysterious space. 

Gothic villas

Gothic villas

Interior decoration for these Gothic villas is also extremely important, meticulous. A set of antique wooden tables and chairs, chandeliers with a simple but luxurious design and a set of curtains that are not too picky in design are the most reasonable choices for your beautiful villa.

In conclusion, the above information has provided you with useful knowledge to own the ideal villa. Hopefully, you can choose the right villa design for your family and a reputable design company for your home. 

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